Zyppah for Snoring Dads

I am a new dad. It was only days since we welcomed our daughter home and my protective instinct started to kick in. I wanted only the best. Even the bugs are off limits.

Since we are first time parents, we decided to co-sleep with our baby to keep her close to us. It was tough. My wife and I are both sleepless taking turns to care for our child.

Sleep has become a luxury. However, everything turns sour when it was my time to hit the sack. Why? Because of my thunderous snores! I always wake the baby up. Even if the baby is sleeping soundly in her crib, my loud noise will startle her. My wife also gets disturbed, but the only thing she could do is glare at me and smile at our baby as she rocks her back to sleep. It was not that easy for her, I know.

So, it led me to a hunt to find a solution to my problem. I researched for the best option available on the market. I’ve compared and found the one! However, my wife prodded me to talk to our physician first before doing anything to my body. I agreed, and my doctor cleared me to try the gadget since I do not have sleep apnea.

When I was talking with my doctor he told me that I can stop snoring using the Zyppah device so I bought the device online. Zyppah was the only option for me because I like the fact that it has a tongue strap that will keep my tongue in place while I am sleeping. Other snoring mouth guards do not have this feature. I picked this device among others because it addresses the snoring culprits, which are the soft palate and tongue. It also has a breathing hole that will allow me to breathe through my mouth.

The Zyppah was delivered to our house a few days after I ordered. It came so fast even though I did not select the express shipping option. The packaging was nice, and it gave me an impression that what’s inside is special.

The package came with a short instruction on how to use the product. I followed the boil-and-bite process to customize the device in my mouth. The process will ensure that I have a good fit and will feel comfortable while wearing it during my sleep.

The first night I tried it, I was a bit iffy. I was just not used to having a device in my mouth. I even wanted to throw up. But seeing my wife and daughter gave me the resolve to make it work. After a few hours of tossing and turning, I fell asleep. I only woke up when I heard the soft cries of my daughter. Then I saw my wife sleeping peacefully beside me.

I tended to my daughter, and my wife woke up shortly. The sun was up at that time. My wife told me that it was the first time she had a very deep sleep beside me.  She admitted that my snoring bothered her, but she did not want to wake me up all these time. I am so glad that the snoring issue is gone. My wife and daughter will now have the rest that they deserve.